So, I’ve got a SisterWoman crush. It’s my friend Katie Gibson. She’s an incredibly talented, funny, and motivating coach/mentor/leader that I love working with and looking up to.
Katie is not only one of my friends but also happens to be the person who first introduced me to Rodan + Fields premium skin care. It was around three years ago right when she was starting out as a part time consultant. I ended up becoming a customer of hers for a while and eventually joined the business with my best friend Melissa Delk, who is on Katie’s team.

Katie is a true #bossbabe.

Not because of her income and elite status with Rodan + Fields (even though both of those aspects are kick ass). Here is why she’s incredible and why I can’t stop thinking about her today.
  1. She takes her business seriously – Katie quit her full time job as a speech pathologist in 2015 so she could put more energy and focus into her Rodan + Fields business. She made a commitment to herself, to her family, and to her team and she is killin’ it!
  2. She is ok with not being in control – her team of 500+ people is basically like a big company comprised of people who come in to work whenever they want, dressed however they want, acting however they want, and sometimes not even coming to work at all.
  3. She is accessible – she has hundreds of people looking up to her for guidance and advice which results in more texts, direct messages, emails, and phone calls than I even want to think about…yet she is incredibly responsive.
  4. She is patient. Number 3 up there…yeah..a lot of those communications have redundant questions and challenges yet she treats everyone as though they are the first person asking for the first time.
  5. She finds time for her team. When new people join the team, Katie makes time to check in with them, coach them, and help them get acclimated. She does this every time no matter how busy she is.
  6. She trains her team every single day – whether it’s an inspirational image, regular post, Facebook Live video, or a conference call Katie, is putting content at our finger tips every day that is helpful and motivating.
  7. She is assertive and she has expectations – nobody learned how to be amazing from a mentor that is a softy. Katie pushes you to be the best you can be, yet she holds you accountable for our own success.
  8. She is 100% herself all the time – luckily for Katie that is pretty awesome and most of the time pretty hilarious but what I mean is that she’s transparent. We get to see all sides of Katie…the funny, the motivating, the sappy, the annoyed, the intelligent, badass, and the humble sides. 14517443_10103797211260198_4544761034478368_n
  9. She’s gorgeous – for realz. Katie you are just gorgeous and stunning but to be honest, I can her beauty from inside shining on the outside. She has truly found herself and it just makes her shine all over her.
  10. She helps you build your belief bubble – so basically most people sandbag their goals and dreams out of fear. Katie has this magical way of talking to you about those goals and dreams and before you know it, you’ve just tripled your goal and boosted your dream to something on a completely new level.

She’s making a huge impact in the lives of other women

Even outside of the RF world, Katie is an amazing wife, mother, and friend. Here’s the best part…Katie’s reach gets wider and wider every day. She coaches other consultants who coach other consultants who coach other consultants and so on and so on. So everything I described above spreads to women like me and those around me that are connected to Katie. She is one of my SisterWomen.
RF Convention 2016
Katie and just a few of the many women in Rodan + Fields that she is leading and coaching to be great.