Women Helping Women…

Hey there. I’m Melanie. The SisterWomen blog is something I started back in March of 2013. It was a year after my divorce was finalized and I was entering a new chapter in my life. A new chapter that would have looked very different without the support of many people, many of which were women. They were my SisterWomen.

So for two years, I wrote a few posts, shared some stories, got some great feedback, and heard the blog had touched many lives. Then, life got a little crazy and the blog got put on the shelf for a while. But the truth is, I never stopped thinking about the SisterWomen blog and my original dream for it. The dream was merely, a place where a community of women can help each other simply by sharing experiences, advice, and tips on how to be strong, confident, and beautiful both inside and out.

Here’s the deal. Women want to learn from each other and support one another. And if they don’t want that, they should. We all have our SisterWomen in these lives. I’m blessed to have countless SisterWomen, including my own sister, Holly, and my ex sister-in law, Cindy. I’ve always been drawn to strong women and I still am to this day. Our stories are meant to be shared and I can’t wait to hear your stories through your comments in this blog. Again, we’re all just women helping women here.

See you in the blog!

-Melanie Dyann