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Go clean your house and be free

Tonight my house is dirty. There’s crap everywhere. Some would walk in and tell me it’s not that dirty. Some wouldn’t even notice and most would honestly tell me I’m being ridiculous. But I see crap everywhere. Continue reading “Go clean your house and be free”

Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Today I saw a quote post on social media from a fellow entrepreneur and I loved it. It’s a quote from Naeem Callaway and here is what it said:

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Continue reading “Tip toe if you must, but take the step.”

From a painful reminder to a day to be grateful.

July 21st will always be a special day. It was an evening years ago that I discovered an awful truth of betrayal that broke me to my core. My husband was having an affair with someone I barely knew but trusted. In the weeks that followed they sustained their relationship and I remember at one point realizing I was never going to be the same again. Continue reading “From a painful reminder to a day to be grateful.”

Practice what you preach

I’ve been a major hypocrite lately. It’s so easy to get all sucked into your own little world of encouraging others while forgetting about yourself. I had this moment of awakening one morning when I walked into our local coffee shop and saw two women I adore immensely. Continue reading “Practice what you preach”

Strong, Confident, and Beautiful

It was February 24, 2011, on a cold snowy morning when I drove down the steep drive of my beautiful mountain home I had grown to love. Continue reading “Strong, Confident, and Beautiful”

Fancy/Random Turkey Meatballs

This Sunday I wanted to use up a lot of random ingredients I had around and make something “fancy” yet simple. So I opted for turkey meatballs. Continue reading “Fancy/Random Turkey Meatballs”

2013…gone like a fart in the wind

It’s January? Seriously? I feel like the second half of 2013 blew away like a fart in the wind. That goes for some of my key areas of focus too. Well, there’s no looking back now and there’s no better time than to get my butt back in gear. Continue reading “2013…gone like a fart in the wind”

Therapy in making lists

Sometimes I get in ruts. Ok, a lot of times I get in ruts. While I haven’t quite fully diagnosed the infinite catalysts to these ruts I’ve narrowed them down to some high level buckets. Continue reading “Therapy in making lists”

In 46 years, 46 things I’ve learned

1. Humor really is the best medicine.

2. Healthy skin is beautiful, take care of it.

3. The mind really is the first muscle to move.

4. We learn more in the hard times than we do the good. Continue reading “In 46 years, 46 things I’ve learned”

What’s your story?

So recently someone asked me, “So Melanie, what’s your story?”  I was totally taken off guard by such a deep question, especially coming from someone I had just met. Continue reading “What’s your story?”

I own everything that happened to me

What a weird feeling….now that I have a forum to release the thoughts in my mind…I find reservations. There are a lot of things in my mind that I’ve previously not been afraid to share with folks and many times with perfect strangers.  Continue reading “I own everything that happened to me”

Oat Clusters, A Hot Mexican, and Cacao Powder

I recently had one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments. While perusing through Instagram the other day I stumbled across a post by Oxygen Magazine that showcased one of their clean eats recipes. Continue reading “Oat Clusters, A Hot Mexican, and Cacao Powder”

Just Flip The Switch

“It’s like flipping on a light switch,” she said. She being a representative from a local advertising agency. Her presentation was on branding during a Women in Business Unlimited luncheon I attended. Continue reading “Just Flip The Switch”

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