As a single parent, entrepreneur, and community volunteer I gotta say life can get ridiculously overwhelming. You have ups and downs, moments of bliss and moments of self doubt. 

I am a visionary but I am one person. This combination can be frustrating because my ideas and my dreams for TOMORROW are usually a few steps ahead of what can realistically happen TODAY. However, I’m hopeful that everything happening today is slowly contributing to an amazing future that is bright and amazing.

It’s been two years since I’ve been self employed with my marketing business. It’s been amazing and the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do in my entire life. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned through the journey of ups and downs thus far is that the entire process is all about planting seeds. This applies to both business and in life. Every single achievement is a seed, and every single mistake or pitfall is also a seed. Regardless of whether the seed was from a positive moment or a negative moment, they allow us to reap a better and progressive life. The achievements grow into bright and beautiful flowers, while the pitfalls and mistakes grow into plants and trees.

The flowers bring us joy. They smell wonderful, they are beautiful and we decorate our homes and our yards with them. Yet the flowers have an expiration date, so a new fresh bouquet of flowers is available to replace the last batch. The plants and trees give us oxygen and protection. As long as we nurture them, they continue to grow in strength. We use plants and trees to build a foundation for a beautiful environment, with flowers. Without oxygen there would be no life, and no flowers.

So the seeds from pitfalls and mistakes are almost more important than the seeds for the flowers. Without the bad, we don’t get to see the good. So always remember each and every time you experience a pitfall or when you make a mistake, you’re planting a seed for a better life that can have more flowers.