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Choose the right path, and turn around if you didn’t

When you see others succeed you have two choices: You can be jealous, sulky, and bitter….or you can be proud, inspired, and motivated.

One path is obviously more positive than the other, however it’s easy to wake up and realize half way down the path, you’ve chosen the wrong one.

Continue reading “Choose the right path, and turn around if you didn’t”

Strong, Confident, and Beautiful

It was February 24, 2011, on a cold snowy morning when I drove down the steep drive of my beautiful mountain home I had grown to love. Continue reading “Strong, Confident, and Beautiful”

I own everything that happened to me

What a weird feeling….now that I have a forum to release the thoughts in my mind…I find reservations. There are a lot of things in my mind that I’ve previously not been afraid to share with folks and many times with perfect strangers.  Continue reading “I own everything that happened to me”

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